VeFoil Motors: We are excited to share with you that we have been working hard designing a new motor specifically for DIY Electric Hydrofoils (efoils). These new custom motors pack a powerful punch providing more torque and durability to handle the extreme demands of high current and wet conditions.

The reasons we took on the job of going factory direct for a motor was for many reasons. To cut costs for the build, get something better than stock motors that get rusty bolts and bearings, get more torque at the shaft, remove with two layers of middlemen marking up prices and almost more importantly get a motor within 3 weeks VS 5-8 weeks and double the price from all the other sources for similar motor.

As you will quickly learn the RC/electronics/motors world is riddled with crazy long waiting times. We are living in On-Demand times… Waiting months for one part is painful and costs valuable time so we have been pushing to change this.

Quick Comparison:
SSS 500KV, 116A, 1.9Nm Torque
SSS 360KV, 93A, 2.0Nm Torque

VeFoil 360KV, 130A, 2.9Nm Torque (52% more torque than SSS 500kv, 45% more than SSS 360kv)
VeFoil 250Kv, 100A, 3.1Nm Torque (63% more torque than SSS 500kv, 55% more than SSS 360kv)

If you are using a reduction gear then torque really isn’t an issue, but if you are building a direct drive with 56mm – 110mm impeller/prop then this torque is required to get the prop RPM and thrust required.

Currently, VeFoil motors are in the final testing stages and once complete we can provide custom KV motors in a variety of diameter cans and shafts.

You will notice right away upon receiving a VeFoil Motor (Brushless Inrunner) that we take pride in our product and use only high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and ceramic components.

As we progress through these final testing stages will be updated with photos, motor specs and how to purchase your own VeFoil Motor.

At this point, the motor price should be $225 USD plus shipping and will ship worldwide.



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