Best Foil Pumping Wing and Board:
The team and I have developed new products that allow you to pump foil for long distances without
being exhausted after 10 seconds and you don’t need to be a pro rider or little guy thanks to these good foil pumping inventions.

Foil Pumping Made Easy With Wing

After attending a TEDx event last year one of the speakers talked about Biomimicry.
This is where they mimic mother nature as it has millions of years of refinement and there are many cases where mother nature has
created things the defy physics. After talking with this gentleman about my idea to make a better board for foil pumping we discovered flukes.
A fluke is a mammal’s tail like a whale.

Best Foil For Pumping

This new innovative pump foiling tail we have developed is going to not only making foil pumping simple but it
creates an all-new sport on its own that the masses and learn and enjoy.


Invented by Chris Vermeulen from VeConcepts Inc. in Canada.
He and his team were also the creators of which is an electric hydrofoil surfboard also known as an efoil.

Stay Tuned for a new site and product launching for foil pumping!



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