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    Jet, Electronics, and Battery System

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    Waterproof Remote & Receiver

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    Electric Foil/Jet/SUP Surfboard

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    SUP Flow Foil

*Estimated product costs only
Expected production starting Dec/Jan for May-June Delivery

  • Electric Foil & Jet Surfboard

    What’s Your Style Of Riding?

  • Multi-Use Board

    Jet powered Surf/SUP, Hydrofoil!

  • Fun & Affordable!

    No Maintenace, Lower Cost, More Riding!

  • Perfect for Rental Fleet

    Easy To Ride, Ultra Safe, & Durable!

Crowd Funded & Designed Next Generation Electric Hydrofoil.

Our goal is to redesign how an electric hydrofoil to make it safer, more durable, lower cost, and easy to ride.

We are a crowdfunded project (Kickstarter), and partially crowd designed by backers of our project and other DIY community members. The primary focus is on the propulsion system and the waterproof surfboard remote control system.

VeFoil researches and develops with the funding via donations to help further the project and bring it to life early 2019.


NEW Board: Electric Hydrofoil, and Jet Surfboard

Once our custom electric hydrofoil board is ready for production it’s going to be nothing short of awesome!. Designed for quick planning, high floatation, ultra-stable, and built-in electronics.

This board allows you to foil and fly like the Silver-Surfer, or if foiling isn’t your thing, just bolt the jet onto the bottom bracket and jet surf!

One of the coolest things with the board is that every backer’s name will be in our graphics design on the bottom making YOU part of our brand and the VeFoil story forever and those who donated more than the minimum will have extra large bold names to make you shine!

Floating waterproof surfboard remote control transmitter and receiver.

We are developing a colorful, floating waterproof surfboard remote control that is designed for smooth throttle control, comfortable, and it will be affordably priced.

Not only will it be used for our Electric Foil propulsion systems, but it will be sold individually for the DIY community, and the waterproof remote control will be available for other electric surfboards, jet surfboard, and efoil companies to use with our white-label option.

Injection molds are expensive and we need a bulk order to make this feasible, join this free list below if you are interested in learning more and possibly wanting one for your build or product.

  • Updated specs-motor mount

  • allparts

  • DIY Electric Hydrofoil

    DIY Electric Hydrofoil

  • Original Prop & Reduction Gear

  • DIY Homemade Electric Hydrofoil

    DIY Homemade Electric Hydrofoil

    DIY Homemade Electric Hydrofoil

  • Water Intake Cone Upgrade

  • Water Jet Intake Cone

  • DIY eFoil Builders Kit

  • VeFoil DIY Electric Hydrofoil Kit

  • Complete eFoil Jet Drive Kit

Continuous improvements in efficiency and safety.

Safety is our #1 concern and we know everyone wants to keep their fingers and toes. So, we developed a direct jet drive system with an enclosed impeller.

The sleek design provides big thrust, and smooth riding by allowing the board to glide through the water with very little drag vs a large ducted prop design, which acts like a brake as soon as you ease off on the throttle.

to all those who supported the project electric hydrofoil project!

The whole point of crowdfunding to design this project was to eliminate high research and development costs by everyone pitching in a little money and/or insight so we can all benefit by getting an awesome end product at a more affordable price.

We are doing this to help grow the sport and make it accessible to more people. The amount of time, research, money, and effort we have put into this is crazy, and we are not getting paid for it. This is a passion-based project, and 100% of all donations have gone directly into the project – research, cad, machining, parts, shipping, and testing.

Be sure to share this amazing project on youtube video comments, forums, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc.… The more you can help spread the word the lower our overall prices should be upon initial product launch/bulk order of parts and shipping. We have been able to cover costs from everyone support, but we do need a large initial order for production to meet the minimum order requirements for some parts.

Contact Us At: DIYeFoil@gmail.com

Electric Foil Propulsion System Video Series
Visit Our YouTube Channel!

The goal of VeFoil is to be a Crowd Funded and Crowd Designed Product.
This allows for an unlimited amount of skills, knowledge and funding to be amalgamated
to create an end product that exceeds users expectations.


Board Booster: Is This Propulsion System the Wave of the Future?


The entire kit, depending on what it is mounted to, will travel at speeds of up to 30 kilometres per hour; different boards will have different top-speeds as the rate of drag for each vessel is vastly different. Vermeulen and his team have also developed different props for different applications. The final battery will last from 30-60 minutes depending on what kind of board it’s on..


Are you interested in a DIY electric foil or surfboard?


The VeFoil team from Canada is developing an electric propulsion system, which can be mounted to Hydrofoils, Surfboards and SUP’s.

Electric hydrofoil surfboards look like one of the greatest transport methods ever.


It means that you no longer have to worry about the perfect conditions to use your existing hydrofoil, SUP or surfboard; simply find a patch of water, fire up the craft, and hover over it like Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II. (Except that, unlike McFly’s hoverboard, this one works over water.)


Jet Surfing Nation:
Make Your Waves!


The new exciting sport is evolving and together, we can be on the edge of the new next generation surfing technology to test electric jet boards!

Have any questions or ideas?