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I’m getting things ready to share this exciting journey of building a DIY Electric Hydrofoil board propulsion system, which can quickly connect to most brands of hydrofoil fuselages, longboards, and SUP’s.

There are currently 11 different electric hydrofoil boards and electric surfboards on the market.  These are a must have toy/new sport for those light wind days, their ridiculous price tags starting at $4,200 and go all the way up to $33,290 USD for an electric board is simply not feasible, and the 6-8month waiting period is which requires a deposit is also a real drawback.

My goal is to break down the build and make a machine that is equal to or better than what’s currently available on the market and to do so at a fraction of the cost with my simple DIY electric hydrofoil kit.

I have lots of great stuff I want to show like parts, 3D printed electric hydrofoil, programmable controllers which allow you to set your acceleration power and cruising speed, etc…

Our team (Ian Brown, Simon Fischer, and I) plan to take the electric hydrofoil board to the next level.

We have a few VERY exciting improvements on the electric hydrofoil concept that’s going to change things dramatically and have the current electric hydrofoil, and efoil, creators scratching their heads.  We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag on those just yet…. let’s first get the main power system refined for peak performance and quality, then move on to the simple bolt, thread, or plugin upgrades!

We are moving along quickly with our concepts, designs, and prototypes. If you have had any experience in creating new things and building prototypes then you know it costs thousands of dollars to make the first working high-quality product.

Why does it cost so much? Well, doing things that are new and outside the box tend to require a lot of testing, AKA Trial, Error, lots of replacement parts, different motors, controllers, prop sizes, prop pitches, waterproof housings etc… The first working prototype is like building 4 or 5 units at a very high cost per unit, and that is if you’re lucky. Remember Thomas Edison.. over 10,000 different light bulbs before he had a solid product…

The first working prototype is equivalent to building 4 or 6 units at a very high cost per unit, and that is if you’re lucky/. Remember Thomas Edison.. over 10,000 different light bulbs before he had a solid product…

I will admit initially this build looks simple from watching some of the talented youtube channel builders like PacificMeister, but don’t be fooled, there is more than meets the eye that just an aluminum tube, motor, reduction gear, prop, shaft, couple o-rings, and 3D printed parts.

So far, I have over 52 different parts in this build. My goal is to build the most affordable, versatile, and highest quality DIY Electric Hydrofoil possible and to do this it takes a lot of time, money, and feedback from fellow builders and supporters like you.


DIY Electric Hydrofoil
DIY Electric Hydrofoil


The challenge of the build encompasses a proper battery system, waterproof wireless remote that can transmit under water. But overall this to me is a very fun process…

I am waiting on a few more things to arrive and I will have enough parts to test 6 different prop/reduction gear, and direct drive designs so we can make the best possible unit before expanding on the concept to apply our REALLY big improvement for the electric hydrofoil (eFoil) industry.

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