How to build a professional low-cost electric DIY eFoil surfboard

How to build a DIY eFoil surfboard. It is really fun, much more exciting than I had imagined, but it has also ended up being more of a project than I expected as well. The time commitment, engineering, learning all the electrical components, waiting 2-6 weeks for each part to arrive, testing, and total cost really drags out the process.

In fact, I have already spent $3,530 on various parts (used foil & board, props, ESC’s, motor, batteries, transmitter, wiring, CAD,  3D printing etc… More than I was intending to spend on this project and I still have a few more variations I want to test in case I can improve the diy efoil’s efficiency more, and cut costs. But to do this, more parts, designing, and testing is required which equals more building costs to come…

My cost goal is to get the total cost for a high-quality plug-n-play unit down $1200-1500+/- so we can all be riding a DIY eFoil for years to come!

“Passion Never Fails”
by Paul chen

The DIY eFoil requires knowledge and skills to complete from design, understanding materials, propellers, motors, engineering and CAD, electronics, soldering, and programming of ESC board, along with building your own waterproof wireless remote control that can work underwater (standard transmitters will not work if the receiver for your DIY eFoil is underwater. It is not a beginner DIY project but can be done if you commit a time to learning each aspect as you run into them during the build.

While my build is somewhat similar looking to that of pacificmeister’s I have altered many things to increase durability, easy mounting on various hydrofoil brands, altered ESC, gearing, etc… to run motor well within a safe operational speed to reduce overheating during longer operational periods etc…

Quick rough mockup of prototype, keep in mind final version will be professionaly machined/welded parts etc… for clean sleak flow.

DIY eFoil

Today, I would like to share my intent and goals as we get ready to build, refine, and provide a DIY eFoil surfboard kit available to the masses at nearly the same price as if you were to buy each part individually to build your own because of recent negotiations with ESC, motor, wiring companies who can provide all the parts custom built to me if I place a bulk order.

What does this mean?
It means, not only would you get everything you need in one box ready to go, but I would be able to save us all 15-65% on parts (bulk order discount, shipping costs), and you would get roughly all 39 parts to build the DIY eFoil ready to be put together with my simple plug-n-play instructions. No soldering, no cutting, programming etc… and you would receive these plans and parts by mail in a few days, VS waiting 3-6 weeks for each part via ebay, amazon, etc., and save you a ton of time, aggravation, frustration, failures, and money.

In the next few days, I plan to run a little campaign to help kickstart the final build phase to get a little financial support as I refine and prep the DIY eFoil kit. In exchange for support, I would be happy to review your build, and share feedback along with details of my electric DIY Foil build. Through feedback, we can all improve on each other’s designs and be out on the water sooner, at a lower cost, and with a smoother and more powerful and customizable electric efoil (diy efoil board).

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Chris V.