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  • Crowd Funded eFoil

    278% funded Kickstarter project confirms this product rocks and backers are excited!

  • Crowd Based Design

    Designed by DIY’ers around the world from electronics – to aerospace. Great minds build extreme machines!

  • Safe, Fun, & Reliable

    Bringing complex back to its most simple form means fewer parts, lower cost, more riding!

  • Uses - eFoil, eSurf, eSUP

    Use the same powerful propulsion system for all our boards for maximum fun!

VeFoil Motor Propulsion System

Help Fund and/or design the next Generation eFoil.

Our goal is to redesign the eFoil to make it safer, more durable, low cost, simple to build, and easier to ride.

We are a crowdfunded project (Kickstarter), and partially crowd designed by backers of our project and other DIY community members. Primary focus is on the propulsion system, and the waterproof surfboard remote control system.

VeFoil researches and develops with the funding its supporters Donate to help further the project and bring it to life.


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Continuous improvements in efficiency and safety.

Safety is our #1 concern and we know everyone wants to keep their fingers and toes we are developing a direct jet drive system with the impeller fully enclosed – Untouchable

The small, sleek design provides big thrust, and easier riding by allowing the board to glide through the water with very little drag vs a large prop or duct which acts like a brake as soon as you ease off on the throttle.

Manage speed, power, and map your adventures with an advanced motor controller and real-time data logger.

Electronics perform their best when kept cool, and that’s why we are integrating a custom competition grade ESC that can easily handle any current we demand – Overheating is no longer a concern!

With three types of throttle acceleration (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), and with the additional throttle curves (Logarithmic, Linear, Exponential) you can customize your eFoil propulsion system to fit your skill level and riding style.

Floating waterproof surfboard remote control transmitter and receiver.

Let’s face it, no one likes riding with a DIY waterproof remote control in a lunch bag, which is why we are developing a colorful, floating waterproof surfboard remote control that is designed for smooth throttle control, comfortable, and it will be affordably priced.

Not only will it be used for our VeFoil propulsion systems, but it will be sold individually for the DIY community, and the waterproof remote control will be available for other electric surfboards, jet surfboard, and efoil companies to use with our white-label option.

Injection molds are expensive and we need a bulk order to make this feasible, join this free list below if you are interested in learning more and possibly wanting one for your build or product.

Compatible with your favorite board – Propulsion system attaches to most hydrofoils, any surfboard & SUP.

Hydrofoils, Surfboards, and SUP’s can be boring when the conditions aren’t just right,
BUT not anymore — With the VeFoil Propulsion System that mounts to any board with our low profile stick on mount, you don’t need the perfect conditions to seize the day!


VeFoil Propulsion Parts to be Designed and Built

The goal of VeFoil is to be a Crowd Funded and Crowd Designed Product.
This allows for an unlimited amount of skills, knowledge and funding to be amalgamated
to create an end product that exceeds users expectations.

Help support VeFoil in creating a unique extreme sport experience – Share your insight, donate,
or help build!

We are working with over 80 builders and are in touch with other builders in forums, so we have a good handle on what is working and what does not. Currently we are waiting on our next set of parts to arrive, which if all goes well our two new designs will generate the thrust required and well. After that we just focus on tweaking things for minor improvements.

Anything parts you buy now has a big risk of not working and you will waste $150-$800 on parts you’ll wish you didn’t buy, if you jump the gun and start building now. This is the whole point of VeFoil’s crowdfunding and design project… We move fast, everyone pitches in a little money and insight and we all get something great in the end.

At this point design only uses two small 3D printed parts with most parts being plug-n-play out of the box. We have been able to eliminate the use of 18 parts from our last design, which means, lower cost, less parts to break, and a smaller, ligher propulsion system.

If you want to go at this alone with a few others on the forums and spend the time and money trying to figure it out, we get that, its fund to build and create, heck that’s why we are doing it!

If you have been following our work for a while please understand that once our new parts arrive for our two new propulsion systems, the building videos and updates will no longer be public as this is only for those who support the VeFoil project. We should also mention that as a paid backer you will have the option to buy a VeFoil System a cost once we have a completed design and product as a THANK YOU for helping us along the journey to safe and affordable electric hydrofoiling.

Support Us Now During Development Stage and Get One At Cost In 2018!

Getting support and feedback from like-minded individuals from all around the world is priceless. If you help support us financially during our design and build phase now, we will offer the VeFoil system at cost to you once completed in 2018.


Convert Foil into an eFoil

Turn SUP'ing into High Speed Adventures

Upgrade Surfboard to Jet Board!


Are you interested in a DIY electric foil or surfboard?

The VeFoil team from Canada is developing an electric propulsion system, which can be mounted to Hydrofoils, Surfboards and SUP’s.

Electric hydrofoil surfboards look like one of the greatest transport methods ever.


It means that you no longer have to worry about the perfect conditions to use your existing hydrofoil, SUP or surfboard; simply find a patch of water, fire up the craft, and hover over it like Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II. (Except that, unlike McFly’s hoverboard, this one works over water.)


Jet Surfing Nation:
Make Your Waves!


The new exciting sport is evolving and together, we can be on the edge of the new next generation surfing technology to test electric jet boards!

Support Us Now During Development Stage and Get One At Cost In 2018!

Getting support and feedback from like-minded individuals from all around the world is priceless. If you help support us financially during our design and build phase now, we will offer the VeFoil system at cost to you once completed in 2018.


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